FAQ Aruba Downtown Walking Tours:

What are your Covid 19 Precaution protocols?
Click here for e detailed summary.

Where does the tour start and end ?
Our regularly schedule tour starts and ends at our meeting point which is Zoutman Straat 1 in Oranjestad. This is at the Cosecha Arts & Crafts Building located behind the Renaissance Hotel Marina Tower, next to Yemanja Restaurant. There is a sign with the logo of the tour. For tourists arriving by Cruise Ship, the tour will start outside of the Cruise Terminal (Next to Diamond’s International). Look out for our guide with a sign of the tour in his hands.

What is the frequency of the tour ?
Daytime Historic Tour is on Monday , Wednesday and Friday. The Fusion Food Tour is on Monday and Thursday evening. Private or Group Tours can be booked mostly any day.

What is the duration of the tour and in which area Dowtown ?
Approximately 2.5 hours ( Between 2.30 and 2.45 )


What is the actual walking portion/length of the tour ?
As we have different stops and indoor areas we visit the actual walking portion is 1.6 miles (2.5km)

Can kids participate ?
Kids are very welcome! They learn and have fun at the same time. We do recommend to attend with kids that can walk on their own most of the tour. Stroller is allowed.

What to bring ?
Although we always walk on the side of the road that has shadow and are also indoors during some of the stops, the Aruba sun can become hot. We recommend using sunblock, wear a cap / hat for protection. You will receive one bottle of water (Complimentary) but additional water can be handy. You can also buy water at some of the stops. Comfortable Shoes are also recommended.

From where are the guests ?
We receive guests from all over the world but primarily from the US, Latin America and Europe. Locals also are regular guests.

Are the local bites included ?
Yes they are. The Historic tour will have two culinary stops and these bites/snacks are included in the tour. Also a bottle of water. The night food tour has at least 4 culinary stops.

How big are the groups ?
As it is not safe to walk with a too large group we try to limit the tour to approximately 20 people. For custom and private tours we can deviate from this in accordance with the clients wishes.

What are the rates Downtown Historic Tour Downtown ?
$39 for ages 12 and up.
$29 for ages between 5 and 11 (Kids)
$ 0 for ages 0 – 4
You may be prompted to show proof of age for the kids categories.

What are the rates Fusion of the World Food Tour?
$79 for ages 12 and up.
$65 for ages between 5 and 11 (Kids)
You may be prompted to show proof of age for the kids categories.

Can Cruise Passengers also join the tour ?
For passengers arriving by Cruise Ship we have a special tour called : Aruba Downtown Walking Tour for Cruisers which starts from the port and includes a few more locations and add ons. Email us at info@arubawalkingtours.com for availability.

How many points of interest does the tour include ?
The our showcases more than 30 points of interest which include Monuments, Important Buildings, Statues, Parks, Culinary Stops, Street Performer and iconic locals.

How can I buy e-tickets for the tour?
The easiest way is online through our website and our secure booking engine (Trekksoft/Experitours), Click on the tab BOOK HERE. We recommend to buy at least a day in advance as the tour might be sold out if you buy on the day of the tour. Also check with your hotel concierge if they have the tour in the portfolio. You will receive your ticket via email. Please print this or show the QR-Code on your phone in order to validate the ticket.

Do you offer Group Discounts ?
For groups of 10 and bigger, we are more than happy to explore the possibilities of an attractive price. Contact us via info@arubawalkingtours.com

Who are the guides?
Our guides are Aruban born who love their island and city. They have gone through extensive training of the points of interest and have a good general knowledge of Aruba.

As only the Pick Up to the tour is included what do we do after?
All guests who wish to make use of our bus pick up service this is completely complimentary from all Low and High Rise Hotels. We do not offer your return ride. We encourage all guest to continue to explore the city by shopping at the great stores, have lunch at one of the delicious local restaurant, enjoy on of the casino’s and longer visits to the museums. To return to your hotel taxi’s (Approx. $13 per cab) are available at The Renaissance Hotel ( close to our end stop ) and the local Bus Service is also available ($2.60 p.p).

Is the tour available in other languages?
Our daily group tour is done primarily in English although our guides do speak Spanish, Dutch, Papiamento and off course English. Custom and Private tours can be given completely in the other languages mentioned above. On a very short term we will be introducing audio-sets for other languages including all of the above but also German and Portuguese.

Who Operates the Aruba Downtown Walking Tours and do you have other tours?
Aruba Downtown Walking Tours is operated by Experitours. The company is a family oriented business and 100% local. Experitours currently only offers the Aruba Downtown Walking Tours.

Where can I right a review and or send a complaint or suggestion ?
We value the input of our guests. For reviews visit our facebook page (facebook.com/arubawalks) and our tripadvisor page. For compaints and suggestions please email us at info@arubawalkingtours.com .

For other questions email us or use our contact us page form.

info@arubawalkingtours.com .