New Protocols – Covid 19

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As a responsible company Experitours has taken all necessary steps in having a safe operation. We have worked closely with the local health department (DVG) and The Aruba Tourism Authority to have the correct procedures in place. This is to make sure that our guests and employees are safe. Based on our procedures we have been able to receive the pre-check Health and Happiness Code.

Here follows a list of the measures that we and urge our guests to take:

Covid-19 Measures:
• We recommend visitors to please use mouth mask. Visitors to supply their own. Not Mandatory.
• Please be aware than anyone determined to be unwell or  exhibiting any visible signs or symptoms of COVID-19 cannot join the tour and will be refunded.
• Guides will also have their temperature checked before the arrival of guests. If he is unwell, a replacement guide will be provided.
•  Mandatory use and care of personal protective equipment while on tour. We will equip our guides with hand sanitizers, mouth mask or clear face shield.
• Social distancing includes refraining from hugging, shaking hands is prohibited it involves maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters (when possible) from each other.
• Our guides will include respiratory and hygiene etiquette in their presentation combined with other communication measures that our health officers recommend at the start of the tour.
• Hand Sanitizers and Washrooms available at all inside stops
• Inside museums and stops at monuments, the rules of social distancing should be applied. We therefore kindly ask visitors to please keep a distance of  1.5 meters (when possible).

A in-depth document with more internal measures is available upon request via

Experitours is the operator of  Aruba Downtown Walking Tours, Fusion of the World Food Tours, Oranjestad Food Tour for Locals & The California Lighthouse


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